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born in 1986
Permanent Resident in Canada
February 2016/Present – Compositing Supervisor on features at ILM, Vancouver.
November 2013/February 2016 – Lead Compositor on features at Digital Domain, Vancouver.
March 2013/November 2013 – Lead Compositor on features at MPC, Vancouver.
June 2012/March 2013 – Senior Compositor on features at ScanLine VFX, Vancouver.
January 2012/May 2012 – Senior Compositor on features at Digital Domain, Vancouver.
September 2011/January 2012 – Digital Compositor on features at MPC, London.
April 2011/August 2011 – Senior Compositor on features at Method Studios, Vancouver.
November 2010/April 2011 – Senior Compositor on features at Digital Domain, Vancouver.
October 2010 – Digital Compositor on features at Mr X Inc, Montréal.
April 2010/October 2010 – Lead Compositor on features at ModusFX, Montréal.
Dec 09/March 2010 – Lead Compositor on L'Autre Monde at WFX, Liège.
November 2009 – Digital Compositor on AO at Duran, Paris.
October 2009 – Digital Compositor on Folie Douce at Duran, Paris.
September 2009 – Digital Compositor on Cineman at WFX, Liège.
August 2009 – Digital Compositor on Black Box at WFX, Liège.
June 2009 – Digital Compositor & Animation on the jingle Secret Story at Naked, Paris.
April/May 2009 – Digital Compositor on Ne te retourne pas at Mikros, Paris.
March 2009 – In-house training on Dutruc software at Duran Duboi, Paris.
January 2009 – Keying and Roto on the video clip of U2 at MachineMolle, Paris.
January 2009 – Motion Design for Orange Tv at Empreinte Digitale, Paris.
November 2008 – Animation 3d and compositing for Sisqa at Lokal, Toulouse.
November 2008 – Camera Map for Des Racines et des Ailes Documentary at Mediastronautes, Paris.
August 2008 – Student volunteers at Siggraph Convention Center, Los Angeles.
March/April 2008 – Digital Compositor & Animation on Tuer Encore Jamais Plus, Bruxelles.
March/April 2008 – Participation at BIFFF festival, Bruxelles.
February 2008 – Tracking & Masking on the jingle for NRJ12 at Mediastronautes, Paris.
January 2008 – Conception of a dvd tutorials on After Effects at Elephorm.
November 2007 – Design & Animation on SFR commercial at Mediastronautes, Paris.
October 2007 – Digital Compositor on the video clip Derka Demain j'arrête, Paris.
July 2007 – Director on the video clip Franck Riggio, Cinetic Energy, Toulouse.
June 2006 – Digital Compositor on Le dernier voyage at Lokal, Toulouse.
Education & Qualifications:
2007-2008 – Trucages Numériques at CGI Trainer Autodeskcenter, Hornu Belgium.
2005-2007 – BTS Audiovisual in Editing & Post-Production at Lycée des Arenes, Toulouse.
2004-2005 – First year of a Degree in Computing and Mathematics at Paul Sabatier, Toulouse.
2003-2004 – Baccalauréat at Lycée Borda Basse, Castres.
Compositing – Nuke (advanced), After Effects (advanced), Shake, Toxik, Fusion, Combustion, Mokey.
Tracking – Boujou, Mocha.
Others – 3dsMax, Photoshop, Flash.